South African entrepreneur, Mark Paulsmeier, is internationally recognized for his corporate success and as a visionary and driven entrepreneur with the unique ability to create effective strategic alliances.

Mark has an in-depth knowledge and experience in disciplines such as corporate strategy, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, investments as well as dept and equity placement transactions. He has negotiated and facilitated on numerous substantial transactions, and served on many Boards of Directors of international companies.

In addition, Mark has attained his goal of establishing an unparalleled global corporate network-web of influential and resourceful corporate executives and entrepreneurs that are represented in virtually every country of the world. The objective of his vision is to connect entrepreneurs within its own ranks with global business, vital information and corporate resources on an unprecedented scale. This further supports and enhances the effectiveness, sustainability and success of the Paulsmeier Inc. Group and its successful history that dates back to 1981.


Mark has, throughout his career received several awards and acknowledgements from global institutions and corporations for his achievements. In particular, in 2001 he received the International Man of the Year award while his company received the Best International Consultancy of the Year award.


The following achievements form part of his illustrious career:
  • Mark is the founder member and chairman of the influential Paulsmeier Inc. Group.
  • Mark is the founder member of Oakwell Associates, a global private investment group that consists of more than 1 200 funding syndicates as members.
  • Mark is the founder member and President of Global Association of Billionaires and Millionaires (GABM), a global network of billionaires and millionaires, which members' consists of influential individuals as well as international corporations. The aim of GABM is to make available corporate knowledge and expertise as well as financial resources to the international community where members have generated their fortunes. GABM has earned the respect, support and recognition from many countries and chambers of commerce because of its valuable contribution and guidance in global development programs.
  • Mark is the founder member of Chamber of International Business Executives, the specialist corporate expertise division of the Paulsmeier Inc. Group. Approximately 250 000 professional individuals, specialist consultants, business executives, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, investment angels and investment bankers as well as corporations are directly or indirectly associated to the Chamber of International Business Executives.
  • Mark is the founder member of International Venture Capital Association, the venture capital financing division of the Paulsmeier Inc. Group that consists of thousands of venture capitalists and investment angels. The funding capacity of the funding members of International Venture Capital Association exceeds $115-billion.
  • Mark is the founder member of Global Projects Inc., the project development division of the Paulsmeier Inc. Group. It consists of many international investment bankers, as well as project and business brokers, seeking discerning venture capital funders and corporate expertise for their select portfolio of available opportunities for development, expansion and speculation purposes.
Associate members include:
  • 39 of the FTSE 100 companies are associate members of the Group.
  • 150 of the FT Global 500 companies are associate members of the Group.
  • More than 1 200 venture capital syndicates and firms are associate members of the Group.
The Paulsmeier Inc. Group Education Trust, founded by Mark in June 2004, is one of the ways in which the Paulsmeier Inc. Group and the members of its two corporate network associations seek to foster responsible corporate citizenship and to support entrepreneurship globally. The Paulsmeier Inc. Group and the associate members of its two corporate networks seek to address social needs by furthering the professional ambitions of deserving individuals across the globe through graduate- and post-graduate training and educational sponsorships at approved institutions. The Group supports business activities that are socially committed, conserve the environment, sustain development, and sponsor education and training.

Through the Trust, the Paulsmeier Inc. Group wants to help ensure that the legacy of venture capital business is that of committed capital.


"Mark's charismatic and humble personality together with his brilliant corporate leadership, not only made him a very popular man, but turned him into one of the most influential corporate executives."
R. Grasso - Corporate Executive, New York.

"The business model of the Paulsmeier Inc. Group has created a vibrant economy within the global economy."
Jorge Vicente - President, Oakwell Associates.

"Mark has succeeded in creating a global network of influence and substance which is remarkable." Ian Noble - CEO, AECP.

"The Paulsmeier Inc. Group set the pace for good corporate practices with their high ethical standards and values."
B. Shaw - Certified Public Accountant.

"Membership in the Paulsmeier Inc. Group's corporate network is an absolute necessity for any entrepreneur. I feel extremely privileged to be associated with the Group."
H. Bernstein - President, Oakwell Corporate.